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Body Temperature Detection Cameras

If you are looking to ensure your business premises is kept as COVID-secure as possible, then Artemis have a selection of fast deploy, cost effective solutions to suit all businesses.

Thanks to our Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Detectors, we can not only help keep your workplace protected throughout the pandemic but once it is over as well.

Our Services: A Quick Breakdown

Utilising advances in temperature monitoring technology, we make it our aim to keep your business and staff as COVID-secure as possible.

Our EBT Detectors offer an effective way of recognising elevated skin surface temperatures, identifying any individuals at risk of harbouring or passing on viruses like COVID-19.

In doing so, our detectors limit the spread of harmful infections which, in turn, will help your staff feel more at ease while at work and improve their overall level of productivity.

What’s more, since all of our EBT Detectors are fully automatic, contactless and highly accurate, you can feel rest assured that your business will be kept safe and secure at all times.

How Our Detectors Work

Our EBT Detectors are a rapid and highly efficient method of screening staff, visitors and anyone who needs to enter your workplace.

They are also extremely simple to use, measuring the surface temperature of each individual’s skin to rapidly screen a large population of people within a public area.

Once these measurements have been made, the management team can then use the readings provided to quickly identify and decide which individuals should be allowed onto the premises or not.

The Options Available

We offer a wide range of EBT detectors to suit your business’ exact requirements and budget. Listed below you will find details about all the detectors we currently have available:

Temperature Measurement Walk-Through Detector


  • Centralised Client Software Management
  • Laptop & PC Compatible
  • Accuracy ± 0.5°C
  • ± 0.3°C (with Optional Blackbody)
  • Mask Detection
  • 9 Metre Range
  • 30 Targets

Facial Recognition Temperature Terminal


  • Centralised Client Software Management
  • Standalone Unit
  • Tripod/Bracket
  • Accuracy ± 0.5°C
  • ±0.3°C (With Optional Blackbody)
  • Mask Detection
  • 2 Metre Range
  • 1 Target

Handheld Body Temperature Camera


  • Centralised Client Software Management
  • Accuracy ± 0.5°C
  • Hik-Thermal App
  • 2 Metre Range
  • 1 Target

Where Our EBT Detectors Are Used

Our EBT detectors can be used to meet a wide variety of needs across a number of industries. These typically include:

  • Schools, Universities & Education Environments.
  • Stadiums, Golf Clubs, Gyms, Leisure Clubs & Spa’s.
  • Retail Environments.
  • Businesses & Corporate Companies.
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities.
  • Construction & Manufacturing Industries.
  • Events & Social Venues.

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Thanks to our EBT Detectors, you can now prepare your business well in advance of the government’s lockdown restrictions being fully lifted. This, in turn, will ensure your workplace remains a safe place for any employees, visitors or customers.

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